Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Doing some research

I'm not entirely sure 'getting porn when you search for something online' quite counts as a news story, but it's good enough for Gordon Smart:

MIKA fans have been getting an X-rated surprise when searching online for his latest video.

His new track is called Rain and as soon as the name was released people hit the net to try to find the promo.

But it turns out there's a porn star called Mika Rain.

People were rushing to search for a new Mika single? That stretches credibility a little.

Still, Gordon's been looking into it:
I felt compelled, in the interests of thorough journalism of course, to check the accuracy of this information. And can verify I saw rude things.

Nice to see Gordon actually doing some research for once - although, curiously, if you search on "Mika Rain" on Google at the moment, you have to go a very, very long way through the results before you come to anything porny; you do tend to get actual results about Mika and his song. Perhaps Google has radically overhauled its ranking since Gordon did his work.

But where did this story come from in the first place?
The singer's management have been bombarded with calls and emails from fans who also got an eyeful.

Really? People send emails to the management of an artist because - supposedly - they can't use Google? If you're unable to find anything but porn when you search on 'Mika Rain', how would you be able to come up with contact details for his management?

Besides, aren't people who are looking for Mika Rain the pornstar the one with the real grudge?