Monday, October 05, 2009

Muse haven't asked Beck to shut up

Further to the earlier piece about Muse asking Glenn Beck to disendorse them, it now seems that Beck was only joking when he said he'd been asked to stop praising them:

Christopher Balfe, the president and COO of Beck's company, Mercury Radio Arts, released a statement clarifying the situation. "After raving about Muse for four minutes, Glenn made a joke about their representatives e-mailing him to stop," Balfe wrote. "While it is entirely possible that Muse does not like having Glenn as a fan, he was making a joke and their representatives never reached out to him."

In fact, it turns out that Muse aren't prepared to say anything at all:
When asked for a response to the retraction of the fake retraction, a spokesperson for the band said there would be no comment from the Muse camp.

So last week, Matt Bellamy was all for revolution and overthrowing things. Now he can't even be arsed to disassociate himself from Glenn Beck.