Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Inspector remorse

The trouble with the long line of stories promoting Robbie Williams' new record is that they're now starting to contradict each other.

So the idea that Robbie Williams only checks into rehab when he's staring death in the eyes? Today, it turns out that he actually went to rehab because he couldn't cope with the job he's paid for:

He added: "I felt great when I started to promote a record but it soon began to kill me.

"I felt worse when on tour. I suffered a nervous breakdown and checked into rehab."

In the same story (not entirely clear why) Gordon exposes Dizzee Rascal's love of history:
DIZZEE RASCAL was filming the video for single Dirty Cash in London yesterday while dressed in a top hat and morning coat.

He shares scenes with a woman dressed as MARGARET THATCHER and suffragettes with huge boobs.

It's what Sylvia Pankhurst was working for, you know.