Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bruce Springsteen forgets where he is

If your act involves shouting "hello [place where you happen to be]", you'd have thought that by now - with so many people slipping up and looking a bit silly - any star would double check his location and make sure he had it written at the top of the set list.

Not the Boss, apparently. How many times during his gig in Michigan did he shout out to the good people of Ohio?

Too many. Eventually, Steve Van Zandt whispered into Bruce's ear to put him right. That must have been awkward, being on stage, wondering if you should correct the boss (The Boss), or if that would be embarrassing, or if it'd be worse if he got off stage and found out what he'd done and asked why you didn't stop him, or...

Make it easy, Bruce: stick to playing New Jersey.