Friday, November 27, 2009

Turntable turned off: Technics nixxed

Even the sort of wedding dj who pretends that they're Fatboy Slim seems to have stopped using turntables in favour of digital decks, so it's perhaps no surprise that Panasonic have announced they're ceasing production of Technics turntables.

The big question: If DJs now turn up with all their choons on a memory stick, what has taken the place of 'carrying one of the big plastic boxes of records' as the time-honoured way of sneaking into the venue without paying?


Mat said...

Terrible news! What about indie DJs with 7" singles?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just taking us one step closer to DJ-less clubs? I mean why would a chain of clubs need some nobody to operate an iPod when they could broadcast some famous DJ across the country by webcast or something like that.

Music Music said...

Not sure if this is true to be honest - haven't seen any confirmation from Panasonic.
And no, it's not taking us anywhere near to DJ less clubs, just means DJs are using different tools. And not iPods.

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