Thursday, December 17, 2009

Courtney Love: Yes, that'll help

Having lost custody of Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney Love has done her best to prove how fitting she is as a nurturing, supportive parent by, erm, sticking a rambling, vindictive attack on her daughter on the Facebooks:

"I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this shit has lost her position... she was deceptive, she lied and she's lying to herself."

Still, at least it's shut Courtney up about money for once... hasn't it?
"Frances is clearly deluded that can buy her grandmother a small house in LA. I'd love to see how that works. She thinks she has all this money. The point is I have all the money she has."

Hang about Courtney - didn't you say that you didn't have all the money she should have had, because people have bought sixty-squillion houses in Kurt's name and the rest got creamed off by Ryan Adams or something?