Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Decade Null: Best selling albums

Yes, it turns out the first years of this millennium were as rubbish as you're remembering. These were the best-selling albums:

1. James Blunt - Back to Bedlam (2005)
2. Dido - No Angels (2000)
3. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (2006)
4. Leona Lewis - Spirit (2007)
5. David Gray - White Ladder (2000)

Roll on 2010. Or the day when they switch off gravity and we all float out into space.


Chris said...

Oh dear I can't believe this, Blunt could at least stop making music to say thank you. There's more info about this and the other top selling albums of the decade here http://bit.ly/6Ugupy

Anonymous said...

White Ladder actually came out in 1998. It was only in this decade that people were gullible to actually buy it. Out of no interest at all does anyone know what the most popular of the previous decade were? I'd be interested in seeing if it was any better. I guess at this point even the inevitable Oasis and Spice Girls would at least not put me to sleep.

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