Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Morrissey continues to be unwell

He's starting to make the Queen Mother during the last years of her life look like Paula Radcliffe: Morrissey has 'blown out his voice' and cancelled two dates on his US tour.

There is, of course, a conspiratorial undertow, after he quit the stage in Vegas after less than an hour:

[R]umours are circulating that Morrissey had been offended by drunken audience members who had been fighting amongst themselves and vomiting in the venue.

Really? Only he's playing Vegas. It's not like the audience is going to comprise too many of the bespectacled fans who still peddle themselves round Salford in search of the Lads' Club. In Vegas, throwing up in the audience is considered polite, a sign that you really enjoyed all the free food you crammed down before losing all your money and being forced instead to go and watch some English dude wailing about unfunny jokes or somesuch.