Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What the pop papers say: Happy New Year

The first NME for a brand new decade, under a whole new editorial regime has just landed on my doormat.

And how is this new era marked?

A "special collector's edition" devoted to Oasis.

Which, frankly, would have looked out of date at the start of the last decade.


David said...

Simon, are you not aware of NME's readership?

Anonymous said...

Would it be safe to say that there won't be an NME in 2020? I mean this pretty much screams irrelevance.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I'm aware large portions of the NME readership has vanished over the last few years, certainly.

David said...

Fair enough, Simon. But those who still remain are precisely the ones for which an Oasis retrospective were catered for. That and some puff piece on the latest landfill indie act du jour.

Simon said...

I hadn't spotted this until someone on DiS pointed it out, but Murison has at least dumped the Cool List, usually out in November.

James said...

I was watching NME TV last night when an advert for the magazine popped up. I'm not sure why, but it made the concept of a print NME seem incredibly dated. I kept thinking the cover was going to say 'Look-In'.

(Come to think of it, the magazine could only be improved if they interspersed Horrors interviews and gig reviews with the occasional Cannon and Ball comic strip)

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Simon Hayes Budgen said...

But their target market is 15-30 year olds. Why would they put their Dads' music on the cover?

I was wondering if they'd dropped it, or were just moving it. I'd be a bit more impressed if every other article wasn't a list, though.

To be fair, there have been some good signs from Murison's regime - sending Jude Rogers to cover The XX for example - but nothing like enough.

At least when Look-In did posters, they also wrote an article to go with them...

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