Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stuck On Repeat 2009: November

Stung by a bottle, flung by a fan, Morrissey flounced off stage in Liverpool. Meanwhile, Scousers Echo And The Bunnymen pulled an entire US tour when they were asked to pay tax on the proceeds. Sting's house is haunted. One of them, anyway.

A surprising celebration of Band Aid was being pulled together by Fucked Up. The departure of Noel from Oasis wasn't going to stop Liam; after all, they'd been carrying despite any inventiveness having left a decade ago. Fall Out Boy gave it up, too.

Sony had an entire town thrown off the internet, and that was before Obama's White House pushed attempts to make global copyright even more strict than it already is. Peter Mandelson is topping that, though, by introducing a make-it-up-as-you-go-along copyright law. MySpace looked at its bank statements and decided it better start charging for music.

The Big Chill sold out to Festival Republic, who've already squeezed every penny and every ounce of character out of Glastonbury and Reading. Technics decks and Linn CD players came out of production.

Absolute Radio junked one of its rock stations in the hope 80s pop might bring audience to DAB, although the axing of George Lamb had already made digital radio much, much better. The Observer announced it was over for the Music Monthly. Borders started closing down.

Darren Hayman ended up in hospital after being jumped in Nottingham. Pete Doherty ended up in hospital after his heart stopped. That kept him off stage, although sadly he was well enough to insult the audience in Munich by singing the Nazi national anthem.

Adam Lambert's management asked Out magazine to not make him too gay; unfortunately, they forgot to ask Adam Lambert to not be so gay on ABC.

[Part of the month-by-month review from Stuck On Repeat 2009]