Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zapsmart: Music on TV and Radio today

9.00am BBC2 - Great Railway Journeys
Alexi Sayle on the Hejaz Line. Really just an excuse for this, though:

10.55am Channel 4 - The World's Greatest Pop Star
Beyonce, apparently, although I'm given to understand there's serious demands to re-run the election.

1.00 Classic FM - Dial A Carol
Handy if you've been on hold for a week and still haven't given up, I suppose.

3.05 BBC2 - Ready Steady Cook
Kenny Ball and Chris Barber in an all-jazz cook-off. The year is nearly over.

4.00 6Music - Lamacq's Top 40 of 2009
The closest we're getting to a Festive Fifty, anyway

6.30 BBC1 - Top Of The Pops
I'm not entirely clear how this is different from the Christmas Day one. Perhaps Fearne will wear a different pair of shoes.

8.00 ITV2 - Fearne And Alesha Dixon
Challenging documentary as Fearne chooses between "fabulous" and "brilliant" and "amazing" to describe Alesha's life

8.00 Sky One - All Star Don't Forget The Lyrics
Two - count 'em - slices of the programme which makes the last round of Buzzcocks look like Gascoigne-era University Challenge

8.00 Bio - Bryan Ferry
Oddly, the Biography channel has chosen to spend the day playing concert films instead. Much of the day is Buble-stuff, but it picks up a little towards the end of New Year's Eve

8.50 Standing In A Street In Eastbourne Looking Through A Cardboard Box - Toploader pretend they're on television

9.00 ITV3 - Celebrating The Carpenters
Richard Carpenter forced at gunpoint to pretend insipid readings by lesser, current acts are in some way a tribute to the work of his late sister

9.00 Bio - Amy Winehouse Live
From when she did the sort of thing that she was originally famous for

10.00 Bio - Franz Ferdinand
Surprising choice for Bio's day o'gigs; perhaps they've lost their Bloc Party tape
10.00 ITV3 - An Audience With Lionel Richie
Close-ups of Ronnie Corbett and the Anglia weathergirl as Richie builds to Dancing On The Ceiling

11.05 ITV3 - An Audience With Cliff Richard
While 2009 turns into 2010? Seriously?

9.20 BBC4 - Guitar Heroes At The BBC
From Bowie to Horselips.

10.50 Five - The Cheryl Cole Factor
"How quickly can we gloss over the assault, do you reckon?"

11.00 BBC2 - Jool's Annual Hootenanny
As inevitable as a new year's day hangover, the big question remains: when did this change from feeling like a bit of festive fun into something more akin to an office party thrown by WOMAD and a bunch of Butlins redcoats? Dave Edmunds is on, but... oh, lord: Boy George, Lily Allen, Dizzee Rascal, Kasabian and Paolo Nutini.

Midnight Radio 3 - Late Junction
Where the sort of people that Jools hopes watches his programme will be for New Year.

1.20am BBC2 - Best Of Glastonbury 2009
This programme has been removed due to a copyright claim by The British Broadcasting Corporation.