Saturday, January 16, 2010

Billy Bragg: Not talking with the taxman

Billy Bragg is mad as hell, and not taking the RBS bonuses lying down. In fact, he's decided to not pay his taxes until it's "sorted out" - which seems a bit vague as a campaign slogan: ("What do we want? The bonus situation at the RBS to be sorted out! When do we want it? As soon as practicable but certainly before the next budget, assuming the election isn't called in the next couple of weeks...")

Actually, the campaign's main aim is for no RBS bonuses at all; and Bragg's NoBonus4RBS Facebook is calling for an old-fashioned letter writing campaign. On the basis that the citizens of the nation are, effectively, shareholders of RBS. Because they play taxes. Only Bragg isn't going to pay his taxes until it's sorted out. So he won't be an effective shareholder... um...