Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blur heroin story has no distance left to run

Yesterday, you might have spotted, the press were all over a story about Blur and drugs which took references Damon Albarn makes in new Blur movie No Distance Left To Run and inflated them to make it sound like it was heroin what did for the band.

Today, if you try to visit those pages - such as the Daily Telegraph page at - you'll just get a 404 error page. If you try the 3AM Girls' story which was yesterday at​damon-albarn-heroin-tore-blur-apart-115875-21968690, you just get dumped at the front of the Mirror website without any explanation.

Surely it wouldn't take a stiff legal letter before editors untangled their confusion at a man talking about the subject a song he made up in 1997 with the causes for a band splitting in 2003?