Friday, January 01, 2010

Decade Null: 2000 - PJ Harvey

Officially hailed as the 124th best album of the last decade, and given some sort of prize on the day the Twin Towers fell, PJ Harvey's Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea still feels like it's under-rated.

Live at The Reading Festival (2001, actually), this is Peej working her way through The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore:

[Part of Decade Null - 2000]


anthony said...

Hey Simon

It's an absolutely amazing album. And much underrated now. (Although it - rightly - made NME's top ten albums of the decade)

I was lucky enough to see her play it the day the album came out at the Cardiff Coal Exchange. And it remains one of the best gigs I've ever seen.

It was broadcast on Radio 1 and so naturally - because this was such a long time ago - I scoured Camden for a bootleg of it. It's pretty damn good.

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year

Anthony T

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