Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Did we say he was sick? We meant reliable

Back when the Georgi Dochev told the News Of The World he'd been at the house where Stephen Gately died, Gordon's team was quick to provide a platform for Boyzone to rail against him:

Boyzone slam 'sick' Gately sex stories

The source said: "Everyone is just sick that this man is profiting from Stephen's death."

Yes - thank God the Boyzone boys can rely on The Sun to see through this Georgi's sick, twisted, sickness and won't entertain his tacky, tawdry revelations.

What has your team got today, Gordon?
THE gay model present at the death of Stephen Gately has admitted having a two-year relationship with the Boyzone singer.

Yes, this morning Lynsey Haywood files a story which goes further. And, erm, repeats those "sick" claims that he was there when Gately's body was found.

Perhaps Boyzone should try telling The News Of The World how sick this all is?