Monday, January 11, 2010

Gordon in the morning: That's the week ruined already

Once again, Smart turns his column into a fawning-field for treating Guy Ritchie as if he was a genius. Ritchie has decided movies alone are not enough to provide his talents with stimulation and is now coming after us:

SHOOTING blockbuster films and running a pub isn't enough for GUY RITCHIE.

Now he's throwing all his efforts - lock, stock and barrel - into launching his own record label.

Running a record label? Isn't that going to be quite time consuming, what with the need to travel all over the nation, hanging out in small venues, listening to new acts and...
And he is keeping his first signing close to home - his pub's resident outfit, The Punchbowl Band.

Oh. So it's yet another vanity project, then?

But some pub band? Sure, they might be great in context, but who'd really want to start a collection of their music, eh, Gordon?
I've heard them in the bar and at the afterparty for Guy's latest movie, Sherlock Holmes, and I'd buy their CD.

But maybe I'm being too cynical. It sounds like they've managed to impress someone enough to land quite a major slot on a Hollywood Movie soundtrack. Can you guess which?
Guy has got his debut signing off to a flying start.

He had them perform on the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack with Oscar-winning composer HANS ZIMMER.

Wow. That must have been a difficult job for Ritchie, persuading the producer of that movie to take on such an unknown band. Must have called in a few favours.

Hang about, though, Gordon - have you done enough to please Guy? Is the article fawning enough?
I'll be raising a dram to their debut album, Journey, out on March 1.

That's better.