Friday, January 15, 2010

Newsround 2: Myleene and the knife

The non-story about Myleene Klass being "warned" by police about "defending herself" with a knife didn't stand up even the first reading. However, that's not to say there isn't a story here. Marina Hyde has done some digging, and what turns out is not a tale about the woman out the bikini advert being threatend with the law, but... well, something else entirely:

Lost in Showbiz discovers that the initial call to police was not placed by Myleene but by a man believed to be her agent or publicist, to whom she was naturally on the phone at the time. Truly, the fourth emergency service. It was one or other of these men who called the Met in London, who then passed the matter on to the Hertfordshire force who attended Myleene's address in the small hours of Friday, by which time she had also been in touch with police. As for the story's appearance in the Sun the very next day, Hertfordshire police state: "We believe the media found out about the incident following a phone call from Ms Klass's publicist to Emma Cox from the Sun."

So, Myleene was in such danger she felt the need to ready herself to stab someone's face off, but rather than calling the police, she got somebody else to ring a force in a different county entirely. You wonder when the Tory-happy story about being warned off stabbing people was generated.


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