Friday, January 15, 2010

Newsround 1: Liam Gallagher's on fire

Take a close look at this picture. What is it of? Yes, yes, someone doing a tourist-friendly fire routine. That much is clear.

But look closer. Do you see anything else?


That's not what the Telegraph sees, though:

A fire-eater has mastered the art of blowing out balls of flame in the shape Liam Gallagher's head.

You might have thought the Telegraph would have been kept busy what with the thaw, the looming election and the earthquake, but no: it seems their need for news is so great that no morsel of something that doesn't quite stand up will be turned away.
John Brigden, 50, a lorry driver from Alcester, Warwickshire, who photographed the spectacle, said: "I was just watching the procession and clicking away taking photographs.

And then when I looked at it later, I was a little bit spooked looking at it initially. With the long hair and things, it bears a hell of resemblance to Liam - I couldn't believe it."

Isn't Tom Jones the pop star with the bright orange, funny-shaped face?

If the Telegraph is interested, I saw an estate agent who looked a bit like Gail off Corrie on one of the property programmes earlier today. The front page should be held.