Friday, January 01, 2010

Zapsmart: Music on TV and Radio today

The last installment of the festive TV and radio guide, then. You're on your own from tomorrow:

7.00am Radio 1 - Chris Moyle's All Day Breakfast
Twelve hours of Chris Moyles. Is there anything more designed to make you curse Marconi's name for inventing the radio?

Noon Radio 2 - Patrick Kielty
Oh, yes. There is.

7.00 Sky Arts 1 - The Roy Orbison Story
Sky Arts spends the day flipping between Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison programming. When Orbison died, David Gedge made a joke about how it was a shame because he'd always wanted to see a guide dog on stage. Turns out Gedge had just assumed only a blind man would wear such thick dark shades all the time. This anecdote doesn't appear in this programme.

8.00 Planet Rock - Nicky Horne's Chain
Songs connected to each other. Not like a programme made from a Radcliffe & Maconie feature, then.

9.00 Radio 4 - Big In Samoa
Comedy play about a long-forgotten album being taken to people's hearts online.

9.00 BBC 4 - Guitar Heroes At The BBC
Tonight including New York Dolls and the Sabbath.

9.00 Dave - This Is Spinal Tap
I'm struggling to find anything today. Can you tell?

10.00 Dave Ja Vu - This Is Spinal Tap
Really, really struggling.

10.00 Radio 3 - Not The Messiah
Monty Python inspired comic oratorio featuring all the living Pythons. Except Cleese. And some actual musicians.

10.50 BBC4 - The Faces: Sight And Sound In Concert
For the best experience, place your speakers either side of your TV.

11.35 BBC4 - Guitar Heroes At The BBC
Admittedly, this will be repeated until the Lib Dems form a government, but is this the best time to debut a new collection? Features Santana and Knopfler. Oh, fair enough.

12.35am BBC4 - Rock Goes To College: Tom Petty
RGTC, the most successful Whistle Test spin-off until Mark Ellen Loves Chachi.