Sunday, February 21, 2010

EMI deny Abbey Road sale

After all the fun of 'save Abbey Road' for a week and a half, it turns out there's nothing to save. EMI deny they're even planning to sell it.

Or, as seems more likely from the the various well-placed stories, they would have sold it like a shot if they'd been able to offload it but with the current market and the likelihood of not getting change of use permission, they're not going to.

Still, there's an official denial:

"In response to recent press speculation, EMI confirms that it is holding preliminary discussions for the revitalisation of Abbey Road with interested and appropriate third parties," the company said.

"Abbey Road studios had, for a number of years, been losing money and we have developed plans to revitalise the studios.

"These plans would involve a substantial injection of new capital."

A famous and venerable studio like Abbey Road being allowed to lose money year after year after year? If I were EMI, as owner of the studios, I'd be having a word with the managing company to ask what the hell they're doing. Although as EMI also manage the place, that would require a certain degree of self-harming.