Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gordon in the morning: JLS boy has been annoying for years

It's a very, very quiet day over at Bizarre. This quiet, in fact:

LONG before MARVIN HUMES was landing No1s or winning my Caner Of The Year crown, he was a MICHAEL JACKSON impersonator with a nice sideline in fancy basketball skills.

I've uncovered footage of the JLS star singing his heart out as a talented kid...

Instead of that, though, Gordon's slapped up video of him pretending to be Michael Jackson.

I love the idea that Gordon himself uncovered this, with the implication that he spends his days sat in his office Googling "Marvin Humes AND child AND video".

The reality, you suspect, is that the office that controls JLS have just biked the footage over as the stack of interesting things to say about them runs desperately low.