Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Rubber out

Could a session from Scouting For Girls be made any less attractive? Oh yes:

SCOUTING FOR GIRLS have joked how they may release a song called She's So Rubbery - on the advice of NOEL GALLAGHER.

When the band played an exclusive Biz Session I told them how Noel joked that their hit She's So Lovely was about a blow-up doll after his daughter kept singing the rubbery lyric.

And on it goes. Roy Stride claims this is "the best story I've ever heard."

Which it might just be.

It seems to escape the band that they're so dull, the most interesting thing Smart can find to say about them is that a small child has misheard their lyrics. Indeed, it's what the whole article is about.

Scouting For Very Small Girls indeed.