Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ministry Of Sound under threat

If the National Trust have the time and the energy after dealing with Abbey Road, they might have to move on to protecting the Ministry Of Sound. There are Homes Under The Hammer types measuring up to put in flatlets and modern-style bedsits over the street:

The dance club, which has been running for 18 years in Southwark, is in danger of losing its license if proposals are approved by Isle Of Man developer Oakmayne to build a residential building opposite the club.

It would seem a bit of a cheek to put homes opposite an established nightclub and then block the club's licence because it might disturb the sleep of people who moved in there. MOS ain't happy:
Ministry Of Sound Group CEO Lohan Presencer said: "When Oakmayne told us that 'nightclubs come and go', we were horrified.

"Ministry of Sound is not just any nightclub, it’s the most famous nightclub in the world and the heart of a global entertainment business. We must do everything in our power to save our club and our business."

It's not the most famous club in the world, you silly, but it is quite well known. And, frankly, the existence of the club hardly seems to connect in any way to the rest of the business - which is about releasing tatty compilations and workout DVDs.

Even so, it seems totally unfair that new neighbours can move in and close a club down. You'd have to support Ministry Of Sound on this. Unless the whole protest is merely a ploy to try and persuade the developers to buy the MOS building too.