Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sade dreams of retirement

Sade struggling with the demands of putting out the odd album and being featured in 'where are they now' columns, reports ContactMusic:

Sade often considers retirement.

The 'Smooth Operator' singer admitted she sometimes thinks she wants to give up, but can't follow through.

She said: "Is it still worth it? I think it is. After every album, I think, 'Right that's it, no more.'

"But how lucky am I at my age still to be doing this without any outside pressure?"

There's no outside pressure. It's not like people are constantly demanding she makes new albums.

Still, even when she's not busily working on putting out an album every seven years or so, she's still quite busy:
"Being a mother is the biggest and hardest job I've ever undertaken.

"I'm not complaining but I've never had a nanny. For years after she was born I put Ila to bed every night. As soon as she arrived she became the centre of my life."

There's something fascinating about a person who thinks that not employing a nanny is some sort of badge of honour, isn't there?


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