Tuesday, February 09, 2010

White Stripes take on USAF

Surely the most curious thing about the American Air Force using Fell In Love With A Girl, without permission, for a Superbowl recuritment advert is... well, that they were using a White Stripes song at all.

Obviously, given that the USAF is in the business of dropping things on people's heads, it's not really the sort of organisation which is good at getting sign-off on its ideas: "hi, I'm from the American Air Force; we were going to sprinkle your land with depleted uranium - could you sign and date this approval slip for me?"

But The White Stripes? Is that the demographic they're really targeting now? You know, when you're pitching your sign-up ads at slightly fey thirtysomethings, that's surely an indication that you're having trouble filling your (service) boots.

As Churchill once said: "I fear not the arrival of the German cruisers on the beaches of Kent, nor the landing of Soviet parachutes on the hills of Yorkshire. But the thought of the Royal Navy using The Field Mice to recruit men? That, there, is what I fear the most."