Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dave Mustaine is a social phobic

You know what's great about metal? It's just so wild and in your face. Even if you only have a small face, it's all up in it. They just don't care. They sup with the devil. They rock, in short.

Take Dave Mustaine. He's hard as nails. Nothing spooks him.

Oh, except a couple of stage divers getting on stage.

Oh, it's not that Mustaine is a baby or anything. But, right, someone shot Dimebag, right?

"I really don't say a lot from the stage, but those two little fucking assholes that just came up here on stage... We lost a very dear friend of all of ours in the state of Texas, we lost Darrell because some fucking piece of shit came up on the stage behind him and shot him," Mustaine said. "You know what I'm talking about, right?" He continued, "Listen, if you're gonna come up on the stage tonight, just know you're fair game. And if you're gonna stay out there, you're my friends, and if someone comes up on the stage and tries to fuck with me, I want you to help me. We'll take him outside and we'll give him a good old-fashioned Texas fucking beatin' . . . One thing is for sure — those little fuckers got thrown out before I could get hold of them."

Let's leave aside the obvious point that, if you wanted to shoot someone on stage during a show, you don't really need to get on the stage to do it - unless you're a really, really poor shot - is it really appropriate to use the name of a man killed in an act of violence to call for a crowd to drag people out into the street and beat the shit out of them?

But he wasn't done. Oh, no. He saw someone flipping him off in the crowd. Having already decided that today was a 'no dignity at work' day, Mustaine decided to behave like he was thirteen:
"Oh, you're flipping me off. Oh, you big bad-ass. Oh, you're so tough, aren't you? Look at you, aren't you a cocksucker. Yeah. You're flipping me off." He continued, "Hey, I wonder what his mother is doing, but I don't think sucking dick is really important." He added, "This is what happens when your cousins fuck you, you stupid fuck. You don't even have hair on your pussy. Put your fingers up in the air and stuff them up your ass, OK, you cunt? This is definitely dedicated to you. You are not a Texan, you pussy. You're not a Texan. You weren't even born in this fucking country, you pussy.

Mustaine really has something against vaginas, doesn't he? I mean, only metaphorically, but clearly some sort of deep problem there.


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