Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Come on you blues

This morning, Gordon Smart claims P Diddy is about to become the latest rich American keen to have soccer fans yelling in his face about how much they hate him:

RAP star P DIDDY plans to put the Cristal into Crystal Palace with a shock bid for the struggling London footie team.

Last night his UK spokesman confirmed the multi-millionaire is in the market for Palace. He also added that the New Yorker has his eye on another big club.

A source said: "Diddy was in London meeting football fixers a couple of weeks ago. The finance is in place, he's just deciding who he thinks he'll make a bid for.

"Portsmouth were mentioned but he thought Palace were a better idea.

"He could cover their debt and bankroll a return to the Premier League. He liked the name as well."

It's not entirely clear why, if Diddy's spokesman has gone on the record, that Smart is running quotes from an unnamed source.

Still, you've got to look forward to the fans welcoming a man who has bought their club because of its name. You couldn't hope for a more committed chairman than that, could you?