Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gordon in the morning: JLUS

Gordon's continued cheerleading for JLS goes international this morning:

AMERICANS are beginning to put their hands up for JLS.

Are they really?
The lads' track Everybody In Love got its first play on New York City's hot radio station Z100 on Monday.

Oh. So "been played on the radio", then.
It was on the playlist between big US hitters LADY GAGA and JUSTIN BIEBER.

Let's be generous, and assume that Gordon simply doesn't know the difference between "being played" and "on the playlist", as JLS are on the Z100 playlist, but nowhere near GaGa or Bieber - they're currently sat behind Pitbull's Hotel Room Service, the number seven smash from last summer.
Their track is also getting air time on a station in Chicago called B96.

Tworadio stations. The US crumbles before them.

But Gordon has yet to deliver his zinger:
Few British bands have followed THE BEATLES to crack America, so they have a hefty task on their hands.

But seeing as the boys have a five-year strategy already mapped out for them, they stand a very good chance of becoming the new Fab Four.

I don't know what's more surprising - the glib suggestion that, really, no British band has done that well in the US in the last forty years, or the straight-faced suggestion that JLS might be the new Beatles.

I've suspected that Smart's repeated fawning over JLS might be due to, perhaps, his family being held hostage or a gun being held to his head. Surely, someone employed as a showbusiness editor by a national newspaper writing something so clearly stupid can only be the equivalent of scrawling "I am being held against my will" on a napkin and throwing it out the window.


Unknown said...

Of course, JLS would be on the Z100 playlist between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.... if the playlist were sorted in alphabetical order....

Anonymous said...

If I was editor of the Sun I think I'd want to have a look at this guys bank acount. He must be getting paid by the record company for all this surely.

Olive said...

Appropos of nothing, do you think that the guy who designed the JLS logo

Also did the Groove Armada one?

I didn't realise that Status Quo had a sideline in graphic design

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