Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Revolution on the head

In the continuing churning of non-stories about JLS, today Gordon reaches - well, yes, another new low:

ASTON MERRYGOLD has shocked fans by shaving off his carefully coiffered locks.

Man cuts hair.

There is something interesting about the story, though:
The JLS heart-throb gave a sneak peek of his new bonce

Bonce? Bonce? Surely this is a naked noggin, Gordon, not merely a new bonce?
I don't know what his female admirers make of it but I think it looks OK.

As long as Aston's taking his male admirers with him, that's half the battle.

In other "news", Amy Winehouse mucks about with a person taking a photo of her. We know she did this, because someone took a photo of her having her photo taken. If there's a photo of the paparazzo taking the photo of the photo, I think we'd be able to approach a gallery with a fibonaci sequence.