Friday, March 19, 2010

Gordon in the morning: What news of JLS today?

Perhaps aware that running a pointless JLS story every day is starting to make him look like a man with either a financial or recreational interest in their success, Gordon Smart gets a grip this morning.

and runs two non-stories about JLS instead.


duckie said...

"they're always raving to me about their Nando's VIP cards"

*Bizarre phone hotline rings...

Gordon: Hey hey hey, Serge from Kasabian you old roister doister, been larging it have we, why haven't you returned my calls?

Marvin: It's Marvin from JLS.

Gordon: Of course Marv, er, just pulling your leg, what have you got for me?

Marvin: These Nando's VIP cards are amazing, we get free scoff and everything, can you mention it?

Gordon: OK, what's the angle?

Marvin: Well if we don't give them free publicity they take our VIP cards away and then we're just, well, P's.

Gordon: It's not much to hang a story on. Still, that's never bothered me in the past. I'll just shoehorn in some gratuitous references to some of the Nando's menu options. Got anything else?

Marvin: Lessee. I had a dream last night where I was a giant cheeseburger, and Graham Norton kept licking me and saying "hmmm, not quite right" and then squirting loads of extra mayonnaise on me.

Gordon: Not sure about that one.

Marvin: I bought some new socks last week.

Gordon: Yeah I can work with that, de dum de dum, yep got it, JLSsssssock it to 'em. Perfect.

Marvin: Cheers Gordon. Same time tomorrow?

Gordon: Okey doke. Oh and if you see Serge from Kasabian can you tell him I still have a pair of his worn undercrackers?

*Line goes dead.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

The line "and then we're just Ps" is genius. I am still cackling.

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