Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mike Joyce out of The Smiths says there's more to life than being a member of The Smiths

The Smiths' Mike Joyce, of The Smiths, has been remembering his time in The Smiths and reflecting on how, while it was great being in The Smiths, he doesn't need the ego-massage that comes of having been in The Smiths these days.

He said, "The buzz never really abated, even on the last tour for the last album, I remember the last tour we did of America, we played to about 15 to 20,000 people in Boston. We had come off stage and I had to do a quick wee and I remember hearing like just 'Smiths Smiths Smiths,' I thought 'f------ hell'."

These days, though, said The Smiths drummer, he's just as happy being someone who used to be in The Smiths as he was when he was actually in The Smiths:
"Of course I enjoy it. But I enjoy things like yesterday, the weather. I think that's what it's like -- being in my 40s now -- I thought to myself, 'what an absolutely gorgeous day,' I've got tulips in the garden and my poppies are coming up and I thought 'great.' It wasn't as euphoric, but it was a real kind of buzz I was getting. I want to do well but you can't have it all."

Mike Joyce used to be the drummer in The Smiths.


Olive said...

I know what he means. I'm weeks away from my 40th birthday, and a couple of days ago I found myself thinking 'You know, this is a great drying day, let's make a start on that backlog of laundry'. I then felt myself die a little inside.
Mike Joyce also used to drum for Julian Cope, which sounded like it might have been fun.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Mike, even if he was miserable admitting it would be like proving Morrissey right and that would be the worst thing in the world ever.

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