Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Placebo: First encounters

New-ish Placebo drummer Steve Forrest nearly set himself up for a sit com moment thanks to a scant knowledge of late 90s British androgopop:

Yes, he tells my paper from Sydney, Australia, where Placebo were touring recently, he even thought lead androgynous singer Brian Molko, 37, was a girl.

He recalls: "My tour manager played a Placebo CD and I said, 'This chick's cool. She has a really good voice'."

It was only later, when Forrest met Molko in person, that he realised Molko is a guy.

... and only then after two or three weeks, when he realised he peed standing up. It says here.

You'd have to think that Molko would probably be flattered and delighted if someone thought he was an actual girl. Providing it wasn't an ugly girl.


Olive said...

Didn't he think that Brian was a bit of an odd name for a girl?

duckie said...

He also saw Boy George on Top of the Pops during the 80's and thought "what androgynous times we live in, a girl calling themselves "Boy"".

Anonymous said...

No he didn't, Duckie. He was either non-existant or a small baby in the 80s, remember?

And what's in a name, Olive? We got girls named Kevin, Blake, Ryan and Jake nowadays. "Bare Naked ladies" was an all guy band too. And they were usually dressed when out in public... I think.

Seriously, though, I am american too and didn't know who Placebo were either, in the 90s. I remember getting my first Placebo CD in 2004 (Once More With Feeling) and being confused about the singer's gender. I listened to it non stop for a month, and finally decided that it's most probably a guy. It didn't occur to me to look it up online or watch their videos on youtube until 6 months later when I bought some of their other CDs.

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