Sunday, April 11, 2010

6Music: Telegraph claims survival plans exist

There's three possibilities that might explain the Telegraph's story that 6Music will become Radio 2 Extra and, thus, be saved in some form.

One: It's a mixture of guesswork and wishful thinking, based partly on suggestions that have been floating about the internet.

Two: Their unnamed 'corporation insiders' are on the money, and a face-saving compromise is on the cards.

Three - And this one is the conspiracy theory: The BBC are trying to plant the idea that 6 will remain in some sort of form, in order to relax a lot of the crowds baying for Mark Thompson's blood. If it can quieten down the protests, it'll be so much easier to put the pillow over the network's face.

Let's hope it's number two - but until you see listings for 2Extra in the Radio Times, don't let your guard down.