Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malcolm McClaren: 'Killed by shopfittings'

Young KIm has suggested that Malcolm McClaren might have been the unwitting author of his own demise. It's all down to the interior decoration of Sex:

"When Malcolm created Sex he broke open the ceiling to make it look like a bomb had hit it", said Kim. "I always suspected that shop because it was the only place Malcolm ever really spent any serious length of time in, and there was a lot of construction and changing things. Then Ben Westwood said his mother had mentioned that she'd seen asbestos there. It was board asbestos and it was in the early Seventies so there was a lot of it left, and I don't think anyone really did anything about it."

His partner also rails against a Harley Street doctor who, she claims, failed to investigate the first signs of cancer properly; she's suggesting she might push for an investigation.