Sunday, April 11, 2010

Susan Boyle: What you wish for

Woman at end of long journey gets upset and swears when told her flight is delayed. That's what today's Sunday Mirror leads with. If only there was an election or something on that could have provided them with a proper news story.

The report is, nevertheless, interesting, but not for the story over the headline; more or less by accident the Mirror has detailed just how the microindustry around Boyle is swirling about, treating her not unlike the way Britain was handling the space whale in last night's Doctor Who:

But behind the scenes, the five-day trip was marked by verbal warfare between Susan and Joanne, 38, daughter of Susan’s sister ­Bridie.

Joanne was appointed as Susan’s PA and Girl Friday last October in the hope that a familiar face by her side would help curb her volatile temper.

But relations between the two women – said by sources to have never been particularly close – have rapidly deteriorated. Fuelling the acrimony in Team SuBo is the fact that different parts of her management team are now in dispute with each other about the day-to-day running of her career and her future strategy.

The fear must be that one half of the management are keen to push her to do as much as she quickly can before she collapses entirely, while the other is hoping a bit of a rest will keep the goose laying eggs for a few more years.

The wisdom of the internet, you'll remember, is that people who suggested it might have been better for her to have steered well clear of Cowell were meant to be the cruel ones.


Anonymous said...

I wish the press would give her a break.
She has a talent and seems to be very happy.
Why not stick to picking on the drug addicts and drunks, or the ones that run around on the stage half naked but can't sing their way out of a paper bag?
She has her problems that's true, but they're through no fault of her own.
She has guts and determination, and so far so good.

simon h b said...

Except it's not "so far, so good", is it? It's "so far, she's being used as a money-making machine which is clearly making her stressed and miserable."

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