Monday, April 12, 2010

Dairylea and farewells: Supergrass put out to grass

I never did like those claymation cows they've been using in Dairylea adverts for the last few years. So it's lovely to see Evil Corporate Behemoth Kraft reverting to a traditional "young scamps eating cheese without the need for claymation cow tomfoolery" adverts. And using Supergrass is an act of genius - it makes the advert feel as if it's been on the air for a million years, already.

I say 'genius'. I mean 'evil genius', of course.

And they've cut out the line about smoking a fag and putting it out.

But just as Gaz, Mikey and the other one start to see the processed cheese millions roll in, they're going to need the cash: Supergrass are calling it a day.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years," explained the group in a statement. "We still love each other but, cliché notwithstanding, musical differences have led to us moving on and of course we all wish each other well in the future."

It's not many bands who are honest enough to just decide to get out while the going is still good, and Supergrass clearly weren't one of those bands - not much they've done for the last seven years of a 17 year career has been that memorable, and while nobody would wish them ill, calling it a day now is probably for the best.

'Now', that is, being 'after one last farewell tour'.