Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dappy kind-of sorry about having taken meow meow

I'm not sure I entirely believe Dappy's admission on GMTV this morning that he's taken Meow Meow, as nobody who really used that drug would surely ever use that name, right? It's like a smackhead saying "oh, yeah, I'm addicted to poppyfluff."

Still, he's mumbled about how he shouldn't have done it - although when he did it, it wasn't illegal, so it's surely just down to him having made a stupid choice. And Dappy doing something stupid is hardly news, is it?

According to Twitter, Dappy's attempts to turn the story into a learning moment might have flopped a bit:

Was just watching the news lol dappy from n dubz on drugs! And he said every young person has to try it to know they dont like it LOLLL

[via @93Alan]

So... you shouldn't take drugs, except for when you take them to find out you don't like them. Not apparent yet what Dappy thinks young people should do if they had a bit of crack to see if they liked it, and found out that they did. I'm sure he's still thinking it through, people. Give him time.