Monday, April 05, 2010

The illustrated Hello: Kim Mazelle

In-jokes ahoy - Kim Mazelle was providing backing vocals on Hello, so strictly speaking they could have just waved hello instead of singing it.

Mazelle has had a solo career which wouldn't shame anybody, but really her strength has been adding depth and atmosphere to other people's work, either as named collaborator, or small-print lurking back-up person. You just hope getting a mention in the lyrics doesn't mean ten quid off the fee.

She even managed to bring a splash of magic to Doctor Robert's post-Blow Monkeys attempts at a solo career:

Mazelle provided the heavy lifting for Soul II Soul on Missing You:

And here she is when she's over at her own farm, feeding her own chickens:

Mazelle turns up - misspelled - in Blitzed, Steve Strange's autobiography:

The singer Kim Mayzelle was so out of it one night she went into my office and had a pee on my chair. It was a strange time.

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