Friday, April 02, 2010

The illustrated Hello: Peter and Paul

Oh. The first one is a bit of a challenge. Peter and Paul.

The general assumption is these are the Saints of the same name - how apt for today.

You could throw in a Mary and then you'd get this:

Saint Peter was the first Pope - and probably the only one who didn't preside over a Catholic Church that was full of financial and sexual irregularities; Saint Paul was a large city in Minnesota, birthplace of Charles Schultz - who crops up later on in the song via one of his more famous creations. And, across the river in the twin city, there's this chap:

And, erm, they're all saints, aren't they?

Hmm. Two names in and I'm already stretching it a little.

[Part of The illustrated Hello]


markie said...

I always assumed it was a reference to the two little dickie birds sitting on a wall. One named Peter, one named Paul. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Come back Peter, come back Paul.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

My mum used to sing that to me in the mornings sometimes.

But isn't that song a reference to the saints in itself?

*rummages in Wikipedia* - it says here that the birds were originally called Jack and Gill, and got a jesustastic makeover in the 19th Century.

This feature is now edging into 'educational' and will be rebuilt in Moodle.

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