Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leona Lewis doesn't need alcohol

The main problem with Straight Edge was that for most Straight Edgers, it wasn't enough to draw an X on their hands, they had to keep banging on about how they were straight. And on the edge.

It was hard to imagine anything could be more dull than listening to a punk go on about how they didn't touch alcohol.

That was until now:

Pop star Leona Lewis has defended her decision not to drink insisting revellers who need alcohol to have a good time have a 'stupid mindset'.

Oh, yes. Leona Lewis can't afford alc... sorry, doesn't need alcohol to have a Good Time.
Which is great, but... why does she sound like she's trying to convince herself?
I find some people's attitude to drinking ridiculous. I think it's so funny that people think you have to drink in order to have fun. It's such a stupid mindset,' she said.

'A lot of my friends are like, 'I need a drink to get on the dancefloor!' I don't need that 'help me to relax' thing. If I'm around my friends then I can really relax and have a good time, that's all I need. I don't need alcohol,' she added.

... she did look like she was going to say something else, but the spoon had just got warm enough at that point and so she focused on that.


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