Thursday, April 22, 2010

Noel Gallagher's shover sentenced

The bloke who shoved Noel Gallagher over, and sent Liam into Bin Laden like hiding, has finally been sentenced:

Danny Sullivan, the man who attacked guitarist Noel Gallagher on a Toronto stage 18 months ago, has been sentenced to twelve months of house arrest.

The sentence, handed down by Mr. Justice Richard Schneider in a Toronto court Wednesday, will allow Mr. Sullivan to leave his home to run his contracting business. He will have an additional four hours a week to conduct personal matters outside the house.

But - and let's be very clear here - "personal matters" does not involve trying to make Gem Archer get so dizzy he falls over.
In his ruling, Judge Schneider noted that Mr. Sullivan had no prior run-ins with the law, and he will not be a threat to the community while he is serving the conditional sentence. His behaviour at the concert “was not consistent with anything we know about Mr. Sullivan,” the judge said. He declined the Crown’s request to put Mr. Sullivan on probation after his sentence is complete.

To be honest, Sullivan wasn't much of a threat to the community even while he was pushing Noel Gallagher over. It's not like he was then going to start pushing people over wildly, before turning the push on himself.

[Thanks again to Alice P, our Toronto/rockstar shoving correspondent]


Olive said...

It's not like he was then going to start pushing people over wildly, before turning the push on himself.

That's a new keybaord you owe me Simon- this one's full of coffee.

NerysX said...

Hang on - he's allowed out of his house to go to work and he gets another four hours out for personal stuff? That sounds not dissimilar from my working week! I guess the judge listened to some of Oasis's last albums and decided that this chap was clearly provoked.

James said...

Are there any restrictions on 'Personal matters outside the house'? Because if not, I'll happily buy him the Michael Buble tickets myself.

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