Monday, April 12, 2010

Ringo blames money-grabbers for his withdrawal from autographs

A couple of years ago, Ringo Starr made himself look a bit of a soft lad by taking to YouTube to tell fans he wouldn't sign anything any more.

In his original video, he told the world he was too busy, but - having had over a year to come up with a better line - he's now insisting he was just trying to stop himself being taken for a ride:

Now he has told BBC Radio 2 that the move was due to people selling on his signiatures.

"I was signing and then they were on eBay the next day," he said. "So I just decided, 'I think I've done my share. That's it'."

Odd he didn't think to mention that at the time, isn't it?
He added: "I honestly didn't think it was going to be world news – BBC and CNN," he laughed.

Clearly, Starr hasn't seen the lengths 24 rolling news leads some stations to go to in order to fill the hours.