Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The wrong Suede

The idea of Suede playing the big room at the Millennium Dome would have been cool. At the Millennium.

Not sure it works now - it has the aura of a bid to scrape in as much cash as possible.

There are also ominous rumours of a new record. With the wrong line-up. It's like going to a school reunion, and discovering only supply teachers and the foreign exchange kids have turned up.

There's nothing wrong with late-period Suede. Providing you approach it as the decline of the band. Why would you go back to the twilight?


Mark said...

the idea that Suede went crap when King Butler jumped ship is bullshit : plenty of the Butler era material was rubbish - "Animal Lover", "Moving", "Dolly" - stinkers, all of them. It's not the Wrong Suede. In the way that post-Syd Floyd wasn't "wrong", just different.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I'd make room for the suggestion that Dolly wasn't great - but Moving? Animal Lover? Stinkers?

And, yes, it's a different Suede - but it's the wartime, make-do-and-mend Suede, the 'that'll do' Suede.

It's like cloning someone, but cloning them after they'd started to develop an illness...

Mark said...

Yes, "Animal Lover" and "Moving" are obvious make-a-racket-in-a-rehearsal-room bores. Oakes-era Suede is different from Butler-era, but to be honest, Suede lucked out with him joining. Where they went wrong then, was writing 40 songs in a year for "Coming Up", releasing all of them, and making a botch of "Head Music" by sticking the dull songs on the album and some of the best stuff on the b-sides

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