Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adam Ant back in hospital

It seemed like this was where we were heading a couple of weeks ago, when people were more concerned with trying to stop discussion of his performances than seeing if Adam needed help. Adam Ant has been sectioned:

The 55-year-old musician, according to The Music Fix (TMF) website, announced to his fans that he was in the hospital and asked that they send him postcards.

“Please don’t come down here as it may upset the staff who have been really pleasant,” said Ant’s message. “I am having a well earned rest at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and am painting and continuing being an art student. I have a great view and am considering gigs later in the year.”

Adam appears to have had a breakdown during a charity gig, which involved shouting obscenities at Christians.

The Christians he'd been shouting at had been booing him just moments before, but as far as we can tell none of them have been sectioned yet. One man being rude to lots is nuts; lots of people being rude to one man is feedback.