Sunday, May 09, 2010

Chris Moyles forgets he's been on television

There's two things about Chris Moyles channeling Les Dawson for a pop at Beth Ditto on Radio One.

The first is the really weak way Fearne Cotton "dealt" with it, which perhaps isn't surprising.

The second is the whole idea of doing fat jokes about Beth Ditto. Doing fat jokes about anyone is a bit weak and very cheap, but given that Moyles is a man who could benefit from a little more anaerobic exercise, and Ditto is very upfront about her size, what was the point? All Moyles will have done is legitimise in his audience's mind the idea that being rude to larger people is okay - and their targets might find it harder to feel positive in the face of the yahoos than Ditto does.

Radio One could do a lot more for kids' self-esteem by shutting down Sunday's Surgery and just putting Moyles out to grass.