Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daily Mail welcomes our new Ginger overlord

Nice email from James P as the new Rajar figures come in:

Thought you might be interested to read the Daily Mail's ReverseFerretMungous piece on how, actually, it turns out Chris Evans isn't a demonic egotistical megalomaniac dancing on Terry Wogan's grave (except on Fridays) after all:

To be fair to the Mail (who, after all, are all about the fairness), they've resisted the temptation to pretend their last six months' coverage never happened, and have instead printed a piece from a former critic admitting Evans has proved his fears wrong.

Being a Daily Mail piece about the BBC though, the article does crowbar in the obligatory reference to Jonathan Ross's 'vile call'. And, in an epic display of irony, this reminder of Andrew Sachs' existence takes the form of a quote from Evans; "Andrew Sachs doesn't want to be remembered for this. He wants to be remembered for what he's done brilliantly"

Words, of course, the Mail will remember. I'll bet they've already got the 'Hounded to death by the BBC: Sachs of Sachsgate dead' frontpage ready to roll.