Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Soothsayerage

Readers of Bizarre had no reason to doubt who was going to fill the U2-sized gap at the top of the Glastonbury bill - yesterday, Gordon was confidently predicting that Led Zeppelin could do it, but there was a much more likely outcome:

Eavis is also talking to CHRIS MARTIN about COLDPLAY filling U2's boots, and I reckon they will accept. They are big fans of Glasto.

So they might be a bit surprised this morning:
GORILLAZ have ridden to Glastonbury's rescue and are to fill U2's vacant headline slot.

To be fair, Gordon doesn't completely disown yesterday's piece, retelling it, but without mentioning his prediction:
COLDPLAY were in the frame, LED ZEP wouldn't rule themselves out and even DIZZEE RASCAL was on standby to step up.

Still, he'll have learned his lesson not to make dangerous and unlikely predictions, right?
The core live band features former CLASH guitarist MICK JONES and bassist PAUL SIMONON.

Guest vocalists at the London show included BOBBY WOMACK, MOS DEF and SHAUN RYDER.

I imagine they'll be pitching up in Pilton, and I wouldn't be surprised if DE LA SOUL and others also made an appearance.

And probably Coldplay, too, eh?