Monday, May 17, 2010

Gordon in the morning: What does this mean?

It's early, but even if I were wide awake I think I'd be struggling with this:

PREGNANT X Factor star Dannii Minogue knows how to dress as a heavy - and so does her boyfriend Kris Smith.

The Aussie singer, 38 - due to give birth in July - covered her bump in a smock on a trip out in Melbourne.

Gordon goes on to say that Kris Smith wore sunglasses and a jacket, which made him look like "a bouncer", which makes some sort of sense. But how is "wearing a smock" dressing like a heavy? Although it's not a smock, it's a blouse. And isn't wearing a shirt a fairly ordinary thing for a woman, pregnant or no, to do? Surely writing for The Sun doesn't lead you to believe that most women walk around without shirts?