Monday, May 17, 2010

RIAA defeat LimeWire

After just four years, the RIAA looks likely to secure victory in closing down LimeWire, the filesharing service your grandpa used to use back in the past. Last week, a judge in New York granted a summary judgement in the major label's favour.

The RIAA is planning to seek damages of $150,000 per instance of unlicensed downloading, which will run into silly money that Limewire simply don't have.

There were still people using LimeWire, so it's not totally a Pyrrhic Victory. But it's probably not as significant as the RIAA are spinning it, and it certainly wasn't worth the money they've spent on it.

LimeWire are trying to continue to engage with the music industry, to leverage their brand into a legal service (because that worked out well for Napster, right?).