Monday, May 03, 2010

The illustrated Hello: Andre Previn and the LSO

At long last, we stagger to the finish line on what was supposed to only be the Easter special feature. I think I'll park the plan to do the illustrated Hot Topic for now.

Still, Andre Previn - or, in English 'Andrew before the wine' - needs to be formally greeted before we can forget we ever did this and never mention it again. He was principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra - the LSO, so hello to them too - for eleven years. He's won four Oscars, five wives and ten Grammys. And yet... this is what he's best known for:

Sixty years of conducting, numerous film soundtracks, a second string as a touring jazz musician, and yet his obituaries will inevitably recall his time as a Morecambe & Wise stooge; the highbrow Des O'Connor.

Mind you, perhaps he given he spent a big chunk of the 80s fronting a rotten series of adverts for Ferguson televisions - complete with his signature on them. He signed an advert. "Sure, I might be getting paid to talk up these products, but look: I've signed it, so you surely can trust me. It's the same signature I'm using to endorse this cheque I've just been given."

Still, he was a great conductor:

Goodbye, illustrated Hello.